About Us
Introduction of the Organization:

Al-Noor Foundation is Non-Political Non-profitable and Non-governmental organization (NGO). This honorable organization was founded in 20th April 1999 and still is going on well and successful. This organization is working for welfare of needy and poor people and has been registered by social welfare in 17th April 2002. Registration No (VSWA/ICT/377) Al-Noor has been working for the benefit of the human begins since last 18 years in very short time Al-Noor did very good works for the human beings welfare. Organizational Background:

In order to fulfill the role identified for itself by AL-NOOR FOUNDATION, a multidisciplinary team of social scientists, engineers, and human settlements planners has been created. The point of departure of AL-NOOR FOUNDATION lies in its multidisciplinary professional resource base and a holistic/integrated approach in the preparation and implementation of projects. Specializing in the upgrading and development of infrastructure for urban and rural communities, the organization has, over a period of 18 years, developed special skills.


Integrated development where there is social justice, Peace, Empowerment, Self reliance and poverty has been overcome, and people specially Children and poor children live in dignity and security.


Mobilize and encourage people to identify their basic needs & problems and help them in solving these problems through utilization their potential on participatory basis to work in harmony towards sustainable development.


 Provide platform to poor and marginalized people, and support their efforts to take control of their own resources and lives and fulfil their basic needs, rights, responsibilities and aspirations.

 Working for disabled persons

 Women empowerment programs

 Non-formal basic education, and vocational skills program

 Develop and use approaches that ensure the result in lasting and fundamental improvements in the lives of the poor and marginalized with whom we work.

 School Sanitation & Hygiene Education

 Delivering relief in emergencies

 Conservation and Protection of Environment for sustainable development and sustainable utilization of Natural Resources.

 Provision of educational facilities and improving quality of education.

 Availability of health facilities in remote and backward areas and awareness rising about prevention and control of diseases.

 Addressing discrimination in all its forms and Advocacy for peace, equality and human rights (esp. women and children).

 Surveys & Evaluations

 Community physical infrastructure

 Income Generation , Microfinance and SME Development program

 Social Mobilization

 Community Development & Organization

 Education & Literacy

 Curriculum Development & Training

 Gender and Development

 Planning, Implementation & Monitoring

Implementation Methodology:

 Effective Programmatic Planning Mechanism

 Area Identification

 Participatory rural appraisal (PRA)

 Focal Group Discussions (FGD’s)

 Baseline Surveys

 Proposed project execution

 Regular Monitoring System

 Effective Daily Reporting Mechanism

 Effective Programmatic Documentation

 Evaluation & Research

Thematic Areas:

 Women & Children

 Education

 Trainings

 Fish Farming

 Health & Hiv/Aids

Target Groups:

 Women & Children

 Youth

 CCBs

 Local Govt Representatives and Line Departments

 Poor & Marginalized community group

 Community Based Organizations (CBOs)


• Participation

• Transparency

• Accountability

• Innovation

• Commitment

• Excellence

Service Features

On Going Projects

20 Basic Education Schools in Islamabad Pakistan Hunermand Pakistan Project in Punjab-Pakistan Schools Health Project in Islamabad & Rawalpindi Events & Trainings for Beauticians in Islamabad & Rawalpindi 100 Trainings & Workshops in Islamabad Pakistan

Ms. Samina Director Programe

Service Features

SMART Social Club

Cultural Meal Art & Painting Event Awareness Event Promote Bahria Projects International days National days

Ms. Zahida Azam, Director SMART Social Club Islamabad

Mr. Waheed Khan, Coordinator Bahira Zone, SMART Social Club Islamabad

Coordinator DHA Zone, SMART Social Club Islamabad
Service Features

Islamabad & Rawalpindi Project

Al Noor Foundation establish Schools Health Project in Islamabad & Rawalpindi

Al Noor Foundation establish Awarness Gallary for Tourists, Please join as voluntarly as soon as Colloboration with CDA

Hunermand Pakistan Project

Al Noor Foundatino established Hunermand Pakistan Project working at all over Pakistan, we requiring more Supervisors

20 Basic Education Schools

Al Noor Foundation established 20 Schools for out going, Orphans, Girls & Needy Children in Islamabad rural Pakistan (2002-cont..)

Awaress & Trainings

Al-Noor Foundation Organizing more than hundreds of Trainings, Seminars, Workshops & Awarness Event